New Armed Guard Permit Applications Will Require A Psychological Exam Starting 01/01/2018

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Starting 01/01/2018 all new applicants for security officer firearms permits will have to undergo an added step, a psychological examination. The cost is borne by the applicant and add another barrier to entry into a job that often does not pay extremely well. The intent of the law is great, in practical application… not so much.

California already required each armed guard to shoot 50 rounds of each caliber permitted twice a year. Say the officer has four calibers listed on their permit. Four calibers at 50 rounds each, 200 rounds total. Add range costs, instructor costs, and supplies… you can easily spend $200.00 just to qualify each time, twice a year.

Making better security officers is great. Breaking their wallet to do so, not so much. California has killed many more cost effective training means and this is yet another. It’s already burdensome to spend $500 or so just to get your armed certification, after often waiting six plus months to actually receive your permit and get to work. Now we must add another couple hundred dollars to the cost? I’m sure this will do anything but speed up the process as well.

What if the psychologist does not approve of firearms in general? or just does not like the idea of this person carrying a firearm? What if the applicant passes with flying colors and then goes crazy? Who will we blame at that point.

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  • Manned Guarding

    Very interesting post. Thank you for giving me good insight into the future of armed security.

  • Karen

    We already get paid minimum wage to protect lives, clients property, put up with attitude, pay for ALL our own equipment, use our own behicle, gas, wear and tear on cars, insurance, etc..
    So after all that we are being paid maybe $4.00 an hour.
    Really? We NEED A UNION. And be paid for Our EXPERIENCE and worth of our position. Now they think We need a psych eval.. what about the everyday john doe buying guns, the crime and gangs and protection just bcuz are they going to pay for a psych eval? Doubtful..

    • Axiom

      Hi Karen – We agree that minimum wage is unacceptable. Minimum wage = minimum effort. We never work with clients that refuse to pay a rate that allows us to pay above minimum wage. Also providing all necessary equipment for our employees is something we always do. Requiring employees to use their own vehicles or purchase their own equipment without compensation is unacceptable and brings employers to some serious liability.

      Unfortunately California is a state that believes good intentions trump logic.

  • Nace R Benveniste

    really we don’t make much money now as it is . in the first place you have to pass a back ground check just to get a gun now this . i feel this is a little to much..

  • Badge #335

    I have had my exposed firearms permit for 2 years now. I’m a sole provider and am going through a divorce. I’ve been working so hard to put a roof over my children’s heads, giving my family a place to sleep, and food on everyone’s plates, I even forgot about my final requal of the 2 year span. I did the requal on the day before my permit expired and mailed it in via UPS the same day. I also have a POST certification for reserve police. With my integrity and honesty, I told my Sargent and Captain that my firearms permit had expired. I was then taken off schedule and have worked very little since. Now I am finding out that if BSIS is unable to process my paperwork due to timeframe, I would have to restart the process all over again. I remember when I first took the firearms course, I cost me roughly just over $500. With the $500-$550 all over again plus the cost of Psych Eval requirement, I’m not sure if the Armed Security Officer job is even worth it anymore. The pay is not so much, I only qualify for a low income housing rental. I was told before by the hiring Sgt. and LT. with a few Police Departments, that with the divorce I’m going through it would be almost impossible for me to become a police officer.

    • Axiom

      One positive thing, BSIS delayed the implementation of the psych evaluation. Their memo says “Under the new law, the assessment will begin on a date to be determined by the Bureau but no later than July 1, 2018.”

      The whole process is burdensom and is often cost prohibitive. Asking someone in, what is generally a low wage job to pay $500+/- plus equipment and wait for a permit that may take up to six-months… is a barrier to entry.

      This state likes to make it harder and harder to earn a living.

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