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Mobile Patrol Services

In security, there is no replacement for high visibility.  Axiom vehicle patrols provide affordable visibility according to the client’s schedule, or randomly to eliminate predictable patterns.  The goal of our patrol service is to deter incidents that endanger your guests, residents, personnel, and property.

Axiom’s vehicle-based security travels in clearly marked cars with communication equipment.  Frequent visits during the day and night can be a deterrent to thieves and vandals.  Axiom patrols can make rounds as often as each client needs.

Axiom patrol officers receive special training in situational awareness.  During rounds, they observe gates, doors and windows to assure they are secured.  Any unusual conditions are reported to the property owner.  All patrol reports are submitted with our invoice, helping you to identify areas that may need additional protection.

Residential Properties

We believe in being proactive and we understand the common tasks associated with providing service to residential buildings. Examples of some duties include:

  • Foot and/or vehicle patrols
  • Unlocking of doors for deliveries
  • Conduct surveillances and monitor CCTV cameras
  • Promptly respond to emergency situations
  • Check in of visitors and guests
  • Monitor authorized move-in and move-outs
  • Monitor visitor traffic in parking areas and no-parking zones
  • Direct smokers to designated areas
  • Patrol of parking facilities
  • Open lobby doors for residents and guests
  • Escort staff to vehicles after hours
  • Assist with evacuation policies
  • Patrol of parking facilities
  • Respond to suspicious packages
  • Conduct identification checks
  • Peacefully enforce no loitering policies
  • Custom policies for each client’s specific needs

Commercial Real Estate

Axiom Security is a premier provider of security solutions for commercial real estate properties and facilities management operations. Our approach is based on flexible, responsive, customer service-oriented programs that drive tenant success and retention, improve the overall property image, and ultimately enhance asset value.

Program features include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Access control
  • Theft deterrence
  • Emergency evacuations, response and planning
  • Control center operations
  • CPR, first aid, AED
  • Tenant relations
  • Advanced scheduling software
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Custom tailored plans to your specific needs

Homeowner's Associations & Gated Communities

Stationary officers to patrol your association, mobile patrol, operate gatehouse entry points, act as pool monitors, unit inspections, board meeting stand-bys, and much more.

We have experience in high-end Associations and challenged associations with high renter to resident ratios.

The owner of Axiom Security Services, Inc. is also an association board president and former Association Manager. So we have the Davis-Stirling Act in mind when securing your Association.

We also welcome Association Management Companies to add us to their vendor lists. Please contact us so we may start your vendor process.


Axiom Security Services has worked extensively on major construction projects, such as high commercial buildings, apartment complexes, school campuses, and other construction projects. We understand that a minor vandalism or theft could delay a project for weeks, and cost thousands to millions of dollars. Protecting the equipment from damage is essential for a streamlined project. Also, protecting the construction site against copper theft is vital to ensure supplies are available in a timely fashion for the project’s progress.

Nowadays, construction sites have a variety of issues that could be minor but cause major delays. Our goal is make sure that we setup a secure perimeter, protect the equipment, deter harm, and make sure everything at the end of the construction day is the same as the following morning at start of work. In addition, we can monitor contractor access, check credentials, and ensure homeless wanderers do not seek shelter on the property.

Officers may utilize regular vehicles, conduct foot patrols, and work with current alarm systems. Officers watch for safety and fire hazards, and anything that may cause harm to the assets, personnel and visitors. Regardless of the dynamics of your company’s needs, we can provide a solution that fits you.

Retail and Shopping Centers

Shopping centers come in all sizes from the giant malls to the small strip-center with only a few stores. What they have in common is a parking lot. This is where your customers are at greatest risk because of the “nature” of a shopping center parking lot. The most common violent crimes committed in the parking lot are stranger-on-stranger purse snatch and strong-arm robbery and occasionally car jackings and abductions.

Axiom Security personnel can minimize such crimes by providing a program built upon customer service, visibility and deterrence. Our personnel can monitor your location with the use of foot patrol, bike patrol, golf carts, vehicle patrol, and use of Segways.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Business Improvement Districts (BID) are a new wave in private security. BIDs are developed in many cities to assist local law enforcement and business owners present a safe and friendly environment for customer, tenants, business owners, and others.

Many inner cities have issues with graffiti, broken windows and loitering especially where buildings are vacant for prolonged periods of time. To help ‘clean-up’ the area and promote an image of ‘caring’, business owners will often come together and form a BID.  This creates a seperate entity which can then be funded by taxes, etc. and create improvement projects.  One such project is to hire private security officers to provide a visible security presence.

Axiom Security  officers can patrol properties via bikes, Segway, uniquely ‘wrapped’ vehicles for high visiblity, and on foot. Axiom officers provide a wide-range of services to include emails and notices sent out to business owners in the BID whenever there are special events, suspected crimes in the area, etc.    They also provide helpful assistance such as escorts to and from parking lots, and general assistance to visitors, workers and tenants.

Industrial, Warehouse, Manufacturing, and Distribution Centers

Often a company’s greatest asset is its product inventory. Distribution facilities tend to be highly vulnerable to lax oversight, leading to easy accessibility and a high loss rate. We have developed rigorous oversight processes to protect these facilities that include:

  • Access Control
  • Loss Prevention Programs
  • Interior and Exterior Traffic and Pedestrian Control
  • Vehicle / Trailer Auditing
  • Certified Weight Masters & Scale Management
  • Bills of Lading / Truck Seals / Inspections
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom tailored services to your specific needs

Court Appointed Receiverships

We have experience in securing properties under receivership. We will work at the Receiver’s command to help carry out the court’s order.

• Residential and rental properties
• Commercial businesses
• Vacant properties
• Asset protection
• Enforcement of restraining orders
• Any other requirement of the court’s order

Office Buildings

Often the security officer is the first person your guests, clients, customers, tenants, visitors, and employees will see. This first impression means a lot, as there is only one first impression. We will ensure your visitors first impression are positive. We can provide the following services as a lobby officer or front desk officer.

  • Maintain constant surveillance of assigned areas providing maximum visibility
  • Greeting and checking in any guests
  • Assure that all persons entering the building are authorized to do so
  • Proved appropriate assistance as need to client, their employees, guests, and visitors in expedient and professional manner
  • Complete any Incident Reports, Daily Activity Reports, or other written documents as requested by the client
  • Enforce rules and policies of the property
  • Promote good public relations though courteous, helpful, and professional contact with client and their guests/visitors
  • Perform duties of a security officer as applicable
  • Other duties as specified by client

Power Generation Facilitates

Power generation and distribution facilities face a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities. Axiom brings security-specific experience to the table which provides our customers uninterrupted, quality service in a safe and secure environment. Highlights of our Manufacturing Training Program include:

  • TWIC
  • OSHA
  • Threat assessments
  • Crisis management & Emergency response
  • Reliable, responsive management support system
  • Unmatched safety record & standards
  • PSTN Training
  • Supply chain security
  • Command center monitoring & operations

With everything from injuries to security breaches to loss prevention, power generation facilities face huge potential losses and liabilities every day. Our comprehensive, customized security services address such issues as:

  • Access Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Standard Operating Procedures/Safety Plan development
  • Physical Security Surveys/Threat Assessments
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Mailroom Services
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (Incident Command System)
  • First Responders
  • ID / Badging System Management
  • Labor Dispute Coverage
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • CCTV Monitoring & Response
  • Custom tailored security plans, to your specific needs

Banking & Financial Institutions

Protecting a facility, monitoring activity in and around the premises, maintaining critical operations during an emergency. We provide all of those security solutions and more, including:

  • Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
  • Access Control
  • Employee Fingerprinting
  • Lock Box/Vault Security
  • Data Tape Transfers
  • Employee Escorts
  • Retail Branch Coverage
  • ATM Alarm Response

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Providing security for hospitals and medical facilities is different than handling the security of an industrial plant or a retail environment. Healthcare institutions face a wide array of both security and safety challenges day to day. Axiom delivers responsive security solutions that allow our customers in the healthcare industry to provide uninterrupted, quality service in a safe and secure environment to their patients. Axiom Healthcare Program components include:

  • Environment of Care and HIPPA competency
  • Ethics and safety training
  • MOAB & CPI certified instructors
  • Industry-leading safety record
  • JCAHO compliance
  • Incident investigations
  • Security command centers
  • Facility patrols

Axiom’s Healthcare security officers undergo specific training:

  • Disaster Prevention and Response
  • Bomb Threat Investigation and Response
  • Fire Response and Prevention
  • HazMat Emergency Response
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response
  • Infant Abduction Prevention and Response
  • VIP Security Control
  • Securing Helipads
  • Command Center Operations for Internal/External Disasters
  • HIPAA Controls and Compliance
  • JCAHCO Standards and Compliance
  • Crime Prevention
  • Safety Compliance
  • Psychiatric Observations/Restraints
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Room Services

Today’s healthcare facilities have to be prepared to handle the worst of all situations, and our officers are especially prepared to provide the support and protection the medical profession needs in dealing with everything from disasters to the mundane.

Fire Watch

Axiom Security’s fire watch guards and security officers are specially trained and experienced in providing fire watch services to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or are having problems with their current fire alarm system. We are able to respond immediately to a request for a fire watch and can deploy our security team with minimal notice. Our fire watch guards can remain on site until your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational, and have been inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall.

We can use our stock fire watch log or the log provided by client or Fire Marshall.


Axiom Security Services understands that hospitality and quality customer service is your number one priority. We thrive on providing guests with the best experience, and handle their issues with care. This type of site mush have officers that have undergone extensive training to ensure that hotel policy is upheld and customer service is of the highest standard. We integrate your needs, and go above and beyond to provide things such as, collecting breakfast orders, delivering check out folios, delivering newspapers to the guests’ rooms, enforce pool hours, shut down and turn on elevators, turn lobby music on and off, provide access after-hours to approved guests, respond to noise complaints, handle intoxicated individuals, calm and attend to disgruntled guests, and seamlessly incorporate high profile guest protocol.

We understand the elements of hospitality, outstanding customer service, and are willing to do whatever it takes to best represent your mission statement.


Axiom Security offers armed and unarmed security for churches and places of worship for all denominations. We provide synagogue, temple, church, and other religious facilities security throughout the calendar year as well as religious holidays, and during times of heightened alerts. Our emergency security services are available 24/7.

Our security services are designed to keep the members of your congregation safe, and your property and premises secure. Trained, experienced security officers will patrol the interior and exterior premises throughout your services and special events. With Axiom Security, your congregation can feel at ease as they worship and participate in their religious community.

In addition to physical security, we provide security technology solutions and security consulting services. These services include risk assessment; recommendations; the implementation of electronic security systems, such as CCTV Security Monitoring and Surveillance Systems and Remote Video Monitoring; disaster preparation and recovery; and training for priests, ministers, rabbis, and other key personnel to handle threats in an effective manner.

Wineries and Breweries

Wineries face a range of security challenges on a daily basis. Theft, vandalism, and trespassing are just some of the issues that could threaten a winery’s business.  Poor security at a winery can leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth as well as hurt your brand’s reputation.

Axiom Security can improve safety and security for customers, employees, and business owners alike.  Our security strategies can deter illegal activities such as theft and vandalism, and protect the winery after business hours.  Our security services for wineries include:

  • Security Assessments
  • Security Guards (Uniformed, Armed and Unarmed)
  • Crowd Control
  • Tasting Room Security
  • Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Video Surveillance
  • Event Security
  • Custom tailored services for each individual client, according to their needs.

Special Events & Temporary Security

We can provide security services for your events, such as;

• Corporate Holiday Events
• Training Events
• Seasonal Businesses and Events
• Expositions
• Car Shows
• Tradeshows
• And more

Finding quality temporary security coverage is no longer a challenge. Axiom Security Services has the resources and expertise necessary to provide your site or event with comprehensive short-term security solutions. Our worldwide network of affiliates can help protect any facility, anywhere.

We’re there when you need us. Receive response and support for your short-term coverage needs

  • State-of-the-art command control center available 24/7
  • Advanced customer service
  • Rapid access to extra security officers and industry experts
  • Years of experience


Handle emergency and immediate security coverage needs with just one simple phone call.

  • Dedicated temporary security officer services support
  • Relationships with local fire/police/FBI
  • Personalized service

Local Contact

We let you handle complex needs with just one simple phone call.

  • Call the local office 24/7
  • Relationships with local fire/police/FBI
  • Personalized service

 On-Demand Security

  • Rapid access to extra security officers and industry experts
  • Ability to provide a large contingency workforce quickly
  • Support customers with graduation, special events and sporting event coverage
  • Emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, fire, etc.

University and School Campus

Our focus at schools and institutions of higher learning is to ensure the personal safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors, as well as property protection. We provide services for schools, colleges, and universities everywhere from small, liberal arts institutions in small communities to major institutions in heavily populated cities. Our experience enables us to handle the types of the security issues that are top priority for college administrators, such as:

  • Campus Fire Safety
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Domestic Abuse
  • High Rise/ Residential Life Security/Safety
  • Confrontational Situation Management
  • Access Control
  • Lock-outs and Vehicle Assists
  • Campus Escort Services
  • Student Housing Issues
  • Campus Emergency Preparedness
  • Campus Patrol
  • Parking Regulations and Control
  • Fire Safety
  • Crowd Control
  • Student Orientation
  • Student ID card management

Alarm Response

Several retail locations utilize this service to ensure that they have a reliable security company able to respond to any alarm, at any of their locations, 24/7. The responding officer will approach with caution, examine the perimeter, check all doors and windows, and ensure there has been no tampering or vandalism. Some clients grant us access to their locations so that we may enter the premises and do an interior check as well. We are able to inspect and ensure that there has been no tampering with site and the customer assets. Once the site has been secured, we reset the alarm and arm the location.

This is a great service for businesses in cities that do not respond to unverified alarms.

Residential customers also welcome.

Vacant Properties

We can patrol your vacant with a stationary officer or a random patrol. We can check on rental properties, foreclosures, properties in receivership, condemned properties, and others.

• Regular patrol services
• Emergency response
• Condition checks
• Trespass enforcement
• Bank owned properties
• Property inspections (visual for security purpose only)

Maritime & Port Terminals

  • Terminal Access Control
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • Maritime Security (MARSEC) services
  • US Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE) ship detention
  • Vehicle Search and Inspections
  • Container Inspections
  • Surveillance Camera and Alarm Monitoring
  • Escorts for Emergency Responders
  • Foot, Mobile and Roving Patrols

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  • Axiom Security has provided guard service to many of the Associations I manage. Every board has been very pleased with the results Axiom brought to the Association. The management team at Axiom has a very clear and advanced understanding of the Davis-Stilring Act and its many complexities. Anytime a board is looking for a new security company, I always recommend Axiom.
    Homeowner's AssociationJeff, HOA Manager
  • Axiom has provided security services for many of the properties I've been assigned to as a Court Appointed Receiver. Axiom has always stepped up to any challenge I've presented. They have been able to provide staff at a moments notice for emergencies. I have full faith and trust in the Axiom team.
    Court Appointed ReceiverPeter, Court Appointed Receiver
  • I hired Axiom to patrol a shopping center in a very challenged neighborhood. Brad was able to recommend a very effective security plan that was half the price I was expecting. Their service worked and we are nearly problem free now! Thanks, Brad!
    Retail Property ManagerMargret, Property Manager
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