What Does an Axiom Security Officer Do?

A private security company provides personnel, technology, and procedures to protect any location in the Northern California area. Facility managers have many responsibilities. A private security company helps facility managers do their job better. Let us, at Axiom Security  help you stay focused on your primary tasks. We will take over tasks such as:

  • Hiring, training and managing security guards
  • Maintaining surveillance technology
  • Creating emergency preparedness plans
  • Checking system safeguards
  • Inspecting access and egress areas for potential problems
  • Handling employee and visitor IDs
  • And much, much more.

California Security is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Operation

At Axiom, we customize every security solution to optimize your security budget. Some California event sponsors only hire us for extra support during special events. Other locations, like museums and high end hotels, need a full time security team. We have the man-power and expertise to fulfill almost any security need in Northern California. As a local private security company we are familiar with a variety of security issues particular to the area.

How Much Does Private Security Cost?

Any security has costs associated with it, but the cost of not having security is much higher. Axiom does everything possible to keep costs down for the client. We provide a free expert analysis of your unique security needs. You only pay for the services that make sense for your industry and location. In many cases, Axiom  actually reduces your overall costs for top notch security.

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What Our Clients Say
  • Axiom Security has provided guard service to many of the Associations I manage. Every board has been very pleased with the results Axiom brought to the Association. The management team at Axiom has a very clear and advanced understanding of the Davis-Stilring Act and its many complexities. Anytime a board is looking for a new security company, I always recommend Axiom.
    Homeowner's AssociationJeff, HOA Manager
  • Axiom has provided security services for many of the properties I've been assigned to as a Court Appointed Receiver. Axiom has always stepped up to any challenge I've presented. They have been able to provide staff at a moments notice for emergencies. I have full faith and trust in the Axiom team.
    Court Appointed ReceiverPeter, Court Appointed Receiver
  • I hired Axiom to patrol a shopping center in a very challenged neighborhood. Brad was able to recommend a very effective security plan that was half the price I was expecting. Their service worked and we are nearly problem free now! Thanks, Brad!
    Retail Property ManagerMargret, Property Manager
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