Axiom Security Services, Inc. operates an in-house training facility with Axiom Security Training, a state licensed firearms training facility. 

This in-house training facility allows us to ensure our officers are up-to-date with their state mandated training. We go above and beyond the bland and boring training minimums the state requires.

We offer most of our training courses at little or no cost to our employees. We encourage each officer to seek out training to make themselves more valuable to our clients.

Below is a partial list of the course we offer;

Mandatory courses 

Powers to Arrest & Weapons of Mass Destruction – eight hours (mandatory to register as a security officer in California)

Public Relations (Community & Customer) – mandatory within the first year of guard registration

Observation & Documentation – mandatory within the first year of guard registration

Communication and its Significance – mandatory within the first year of guard registration


Exposed Firearms Permit Course

Liability/Legal Aspects

Post Orders & Assignments

Company Policies/ Orientation

Evacuation Procedures

Officer Safety

Arrest, Search & Seizure

Access Control


Criminal Laws

Handling Difficult People

Work Place Violence

Chemical Agents (i.e. pepper spray)

Preserving the Incident Scene

Crowd Control

Driver Safety


Courtroom Demeanor

Parking & Traffic Control

Radio Procedures

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What Our Clients Say
  • Axiom Security has provided guard service to many of the Associations I manage. Every board has been very pleased with the results Axiom brought to the Association. The management team at Axiom has a very clear and advanced understanding of the Davis-Stilring Act and its many complexities. Anytime a board is looking for a new security company, I always recommend Axiom.
    Homeowner's AssociationJeff, HOA Manager
  • Axiom has provided security services for many of the properties I've been assigned to as a Court Appointed Receiver. Axiom has always stepped up to any challenge I've presented. They have been able to provide staff at a moments notice for emergencies. I have full faith and trust in the Axiom team.
    Court Appointed ReceiverPeter, Court Appointed Receiver
  • I hired Axiom to patrol a shopping center in a very challenged neighborhood. Brad was able to recommend a very effective security plan that was half the price I was expecting. Their service worked and we are nearly problem free now! Thanks, Brad!
    Retail Property ManagerMargret, Property Manager
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